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    Jiangsu Guoxin Union Energy Co.,Ltd.

    An explorer of efficient use of traditional energy.

    A pioneer in the low-carbon development of clean energy.

    A leader in the development and application of new technologies for biotechnology.

  • Environmental

    Committed to providing solutions for the three business segments of coal-fired and gas-fired power generation, central heating and food additive manufacturing.

    The Circulating-Economical Sewage-Treatment System Chart

    The company is the earliest qualified manufacturer of citric acid in terms of national decontamination standard. As the second batch of pilot enterprise of national circular economy approved by the State Council, the company will continue to constantly work hard for environmental protection career.
    In accordance with the cascade utilization of energy sources and cyclic utilization of rubbish on thermoelectricity and biochemical, the company introduced advanced bio-desulphurization technology from Netherlands Paques Corporation to solve the problem of flue gas desulphurization in the generating and to recycle the high concentration COD sewage in the production of citric acid, replacing high purity elemental sulfur, which boosts the clean production, promotes cyclic economy and improves utilization rate of resources.
    With the goal of “practice cyclic economy, establish ecological union”, the company devotes to establishing green and harmonious enterprise.




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