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    An explorer of efficient use of traditional energy.

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    Committed to providing solutions for the three business segments of coal-fired and gas-fired power generation, central heating and food additive manufacturing.

    Quality System Passed the Verification

    On April 7th and 8th, the CQC quality authentication center carried out the revision verification to our company's existing quality system and environment management system. They appraised that our company's existing B version system is real and effective, so we passed the verification successfully. During the revision process of the ISO quality and the environment system, our company vigorously took the customer as the attention focal point, mobilized the whole staff to participate in, launched the Quality Management completely and implemented it according to the PDCA method. We had discovered many merits in the verification process, such as staff's quality consciousness increased generally, the process control method and ability promoted and so on. But we still can not neglect the question which existed in the system implementation, the department people in charge must further strengthen the quality and environmental protection consciousness, positively participate in during the system implementation process and integrate the quality control and the business management into one organic whole.

    Taken from: In-house literature--2005-04-15 No.138 journal


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