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    China Citric Acid Industry Went Cold

    As China is a citric acid export oriented country, about 100 countries import million kg of citric acid from China. In 2014, the soft drink market competition intense, as result, foreign demand increase and export volume increased. However, domestics demand of citric acid was weak, about 1/3 of the output surplus annually.
    Import and Export Volume
    Customs statistics showed, there were over 1,007 thousand kg citric acid imported to China in 2015, which worth about USD4,883 thousand. Compare to 2014, it was 21% increase in volume and 21% increase in aggregate value.
    On the other hand, China had exported 824 million kg citric acid which valued USD641 million in 2015; it was 3% increase in volume and over 9% decrease in total value than it in 2014. The export volume was about 799 million kg and USD704 million in total values in 2014.
    Import and Export Regional Analysis
    In 2015, Germany was the largest citric acid supplier who provided over 30% of the total imported volume to China. The rest major citric acid import regions are from Canada, Japan and Austria; accounted for 18%, 17% and 12% respectively. The average import price of citric acid in 2015 is around USD0.7/kg.
    In 2015, India had imported over 9% of the total export volume from China, who is the largest importer among Chinese citric acid trade partners. Turkey, Japan, Maxico and Indonesia are the major countries imported citric acid from China, account for  5.2%, 5.0%, 5.0and 3.9%respectively.
    The total citric acid import volume is about 1 million kg and exported 823 million kg in 2015, the gap is over 820 million kg. The average export price had dropped 12% and import price had dropped 1% during 2014-2015. In 2015, citric acid trade was active, it was 21% rise in import volume and 3% rise in export volume. About 100 countries had import and export trade partnership with China.

    Taken from: --2016-08-28 


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