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    An explorer of efficient use of traditional energy.

    A pioneer in the low-carbon development of clean energy.

    A leader in the development and application of new technologies for biotechnology.

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    Committed to providing solutions for the three business segments of coal-fired and gas-fired power generation, central heating and food additive manufacturing.


    Product name: COAL
    Product Description:We are close related to the coal mine enterprises in Shandong, Anhui, Shanxi and Shaanxi, etc. The annual purchase quantity is 1.5 million tons.There are all kinds of coal products for you to choose, thus we have ability to meet your demands.Moreover, compared with the market price, you can enjoy 10 to 20 Yuan of discount.
    Brief introduction:All kind of quality raw coal products, the volatilization > 30%, lower calorific value is 5000 – 6200 large calories, good shape.
    Use: Application: Our products can be used in chemical, steel-casting and cement industry.


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