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    Committed to providing solutions for the three business segments of coal-fired and gas-fired power generation, central heating and food additive manufacturing.

    Anaerobic Granular Active Sludge

    Product name: Anaerobic Granular Active Sludge
     Product Description:Anaerobic sludge is a kind of sludge which contains rich various anaerobe population. It is produced when treating the citric acid waste water.
    Features:The granular sludge can be considered as the microecosystem which has had the self- balance performance, in which contains various anaerobe population that can degrade all kinds of organic pollutant in the crude wastewater, the anaerobic sludge is the pel
    Use: Uses in the sewage treatment. The anaerobic sludge itself contains all kinds of anaerobe population, can degrade organic pollutant in the crude wastewater. And its cost is more economic.


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